What you should know before buying a home


There is nothing better than feeling satisfied after a purchase, and even more so when it comes to something as important as a home. To help you with this, we have put together 5 questions to ask the Property news before buying a home. Take note!

What to ask before buying a home?

  • Which is the method of payment?
  • What is the state of the house in the Public Registry of Property?
  • What state is the construction in?
  • How is the neighborhood?
  • What is the reason the house is for sale?

Which is the method of payment?

The first question you should ask the seller is regarding the price of the home and whether it is based on the opinion of an accredited expert. Knowing this information will ensure you pay a fair amount.

The next step is to know which payment methods they accept. We assure you that everyone will receive cash payment, but some owners will have reservations when accepting a mortgage (Infonavit, Fovissste or bank), since institutions, both public and private, require that houses meet certain requirements. Visit what Infonavit requirements the house you want must meet to learn more about it.

What is the state of the house in the Public Registry of Property?

Ask the seller for the number under which the property is registered in the Public Registry of Property. Go to the institution and make sure that the deeds are registered in the name of the person with whom you are making the transaction.

Also, ask the seller for the useful meters and the construction meters, to verify that the information they provide matches those that are recorded in the deeds and in the Public Registry of Property.

If you buy a house that was previously inhabited, ask the owner to present you the payments for the water and electricity services. Also, regardless of whether the house is new or used, request that the property payments be shown to you. This way you will avoid buying a property with debts.

What state is the construction in?

You probably think asking questions about the materials used to install the drain, electricity, or gas; And the places where these facilities pass seem to you little useful if you do not know about it. However, do them with the intention of later contacting an expert to find out the quality of the house.

In addition to asking about the materials with which the house has been built, find out about the preparation that has been given to protect it from the weather, especially if it has been waterproofed.

Check how old the house is, and how many years of useful life have been calculated. This could help you get an idea of ​​how soon you might need maintenance and get some room for negotiation.

How is the neighborhood?

The added value of the house is one of the factors that will intervene in your decision. Find out what services are close to the neighbourhood of capital smart city Islamabad, and how fast access to housing is given the peak traffic hours. Another important factor is knowing if the neighborhood is organized or if it has an administration that is in charge of keeping the common areas clean, if so, find out about the fees that you must cover to include them in your budget.

Also, ask about security in the area, if there have been burglaries from a house in the neighborhood or from a passer-by, and how often they have occurred.

What is the reason the house is for sale?

There are some questions that may be somewhat uncomfortable for the seller, but that will help you in the buying and selling process. For example, what is the reason you want to get rid of the house and how long has it been for sale? This point basically serves to know how and when to negotiate.

If the owner is in urgent need of selling or has been unsuccessful for a long time, they will probably be willing to lower the price of the property. On the contrary, if you are looking for an investment, surely you will not be interested in reducing the price and you could lose the house to another bidder.

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