The Most Popular Custom Cigarette Boxes Designs

Smoking is injurious to health. This is the statement you hear almost everywhere. Despite the efforts made by governments to discourage smoking, people still consume cigarettes. Consuming cigarette is an addiction, but it has also become a style these days. People flaunt their Custom Cigarette Boxes as it shows the class of the people.  Packing of the cigarette boxes set men apart from others. Even the people who do not smoke keep stylish cigarette boxes with them to show off. Customized cigarette boxes have eye-catching and appealing designs, and people think that it’s cool to have these boxes in the pocket.

The unique cigarette boxes:

No matter you are watching a video on TV or movie in theater whenever a scene comes in which someone is smoking there will be a line at the bottom of the screen saying” smoking is injurious to health.” Then why people still smoke?

Well, many people are addicted to nicotine. But some guys think that it is cool to smoke. You might have seen a handsome guy (protagonist) smoking in the movies. So, boys think that it is a style and class to have a fascinating cigarettes box. As a matter of fact, tobacco companies are very conscious about the boxes of their cigarette. It is true that you can’t ignore the colorful cigarette boxes. Here are a few custom designed boxes for cigarettes:

  • Vintage wooden cigarette box:

As the name signifies, it is a box that has old and unique designs. It is a vintage box, so it is the symbol of class. When you have a vintage cigarette box, you would love to show it off among friends. Some people think that it shows class to smoke, so it is a great gem to have in your pocket. But make sure you don’t smoke too much. The price of vintage wooden cigarette box might be high due to its characteristics.

  • Cheeky smoker rolling box:

Cheeky smoker rolling box has a rolling paper installed in it. This rolling paper is not found in many other cigarette boxes. There is one large compartment at the bottom of the box. Also, it has another compartment holding a 50 mm grinder. The best part of the cheeky smoker rolling box is that it is super affordable. People prefer to buy it as it helps them maintain their image in their friend circle.

  • Antique Middle Eastern Silver Cigarette Box:

It comes in two beautiful colors silver and white. If you want to have a simple cigarette box, then go for a white one. You desire to be a bit more classy, then choose the silver one. People love to buy Antique Middle Eastern silver cigarette box because its color does not fade away no matter how long you use it. It is not that big so you can carry it in your pocket easily.

Custom Cigarette Boxes let you show off in your social circle as they look fascinating and stylish.

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