Introducing ghd air conditioning, styling instrument and a drying, set to revolutionise

At last you can design while you dry, together with all the ghd air hairdryer for speedy ultimate root-lifting volume & super easy shine. Together with two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a fresh styling and drying experience that delivers the best in volume along with a shiny finish. Laminair technology supplies a 42 percent more focused stream of atmosphere than other sprays, which means that you may work on one part of hair, without bothering others, providing you control and styling accuracy. What does this mean to your hair Stunningly smooth and shiny results. While the technology keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to touch, ensuring that you can style to the origin for volume. In addition to this, the new ghd setting is 27% more quiet and lighter for experience and a coThe GHD Aura Drying kitmfortable drying. Recommended a new concept in hair drying.

Introducing ghd air conditioning, styling instrument and a drying, set to revolutionise how your hair dries. Manufactured scientists and by styling experts, ghd air is the first instrument to offer exceptional styling advantages whilst it dries, which makes it easier than ever to achieve salon results at home. What distinguishes ghd air Control: new Laminair technology delivers a 65% more concentrated, non-turbulent air flow so when working with a single section of hair, the rest of the sections remain undisturbed, allowing precision and command Shine: Contrary to other hairdryers, Laminair technology evolves hair in a single direction, developing a concentrated airflow with even speed and temperature, leaving hair ultra-smooth and 38% shinier Volume: breakthrough Cool-Wall technology retains the nozzle and casing cool to touch at 44 degrees C, compared to 126 degrees C,The GHD Aura Drying kit. This innovation allows you to get giving root lift and volume, as Quiet melts placing your design .


  1. Remington PROLuxe AC9140


An aesthetically appealing and very powerful hair dryer

Remington Proluxe AC9140

The Remington PROLuxe hair dryer isn’t only a remarkably appealing piece of kit, it’s also a powerful hair dryer which in the identical time is extremely gentle on hair. The hair dryer comes with an AC motor that could dry hair quickly. The Remington PROluxe includes three heat settings and two speed settings, as well as its’Cool Shot’ function. In regard to the hair thinning capacity it supplies, it is a comparatively mild machine. The hair dryer is easy to use and fits in your hands. It’s a very long cable that makes it sensible to utilize either in the home. It includes two different air concentrators which have different thicknesses.

The PROLuxe is visually appealing with a mild pink matte finish along with shiny aluminum particulars separating its different surfaces. This makes the hair dryer a bit more pleasing to get out and use. Except that the sound level is somewhat high there are not many negative elements to the hair dryer worth commenting on. That the Remington PROLuxe is a superior solution, which performs well in connection with its price point.

Attractive designvery powerful

Exceptionally noisy

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A lightweight hair drier which manages to dry hair quickly and contains two Distinct nozzles

Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic & Ionic

The Parlux 3800 is a very small and neat hair dryer made from recycled materials. It’s a ceramic heating element which uses ion technology to make less flyaway and the hair more shiny. It will work, while this may sound like advertising spiel. The controls are different but have a colour scheme — such as the air button being red rather than blue. Its format makes it effortless to package into your suitcase despite this not being a travel hair dryer as such. We liked the fact that the hair drier is quite environmentally friendly in addition to being effective.

Low weightdries hair quicklyincludes two nozzles

Controls may feel slightly sharp on the handno diffuser contained

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  1. Toni&Guy Compact Salon Dryer 1700W

A superbly designed and comfy hair drier with effective hair drying power and a powerful cold air choice

The Tony&Guy Compact Salon Dryer is both an attractive and effective hair dryer. Its 1700-watt engine has a short period and thus a fantastic airflow. The shot button gives off cold air, making it easy to cool your hair that is styled quickly. The entire body of the hair dryer feels fine and includes a matte satin finish, which is both appealing. While the deal fits in the hand, it’s easy to press the buttons mistake due to their positioning. A nozzle for targeted air circulation is included, making this a fantastic hair dryer that is suitable for both women and men.

Really good at directing chilly airattractive designfinish feels pleasant

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