Real Estate Chat – Use it the right way to sell more

real estate chat is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing tools that all brokers and real estate agents should have. But, of course, you also need to understand how to use it correctly and what the real benefits are so that everything becomes easier to implement.

To help you, in today’s text we will understand just that. And, of course, you will also be able to better understand how to use this tool in the right way. After all, simply installing on the site and using it anyway isn’t the most cost-effective way to extract results, is it?

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Real Estate Chat – Why is it important to have?

A real estate chat is much more than a communication tool. A real estate chat is, in fact, a gateway to good deals in the medium and long term. But how to make him become that? Or rather, how to get the best out of this powerful tool?

To better understand, we have prepared a list of items that will help you better understand the importance of having a real estate chat on your real estate website. And believe me: installing and getting ready is one of the smallest problems. The biggest challenge will undoubtedly be using the tool to convert online sales.

See some “specialties” of the real estate chat:

  • Immediate interaction with the website user;
  • Less cold and more human online environment;
  • Excellent option to capture qualified leads;
  • Greater use of generated traffic;
  • Research that can generate new strategies;
  • Understanding consumer behavior;

We will understand everything from now on, in detail. Come on?

Immediate interaction with the website user

The first and one of the most important criteria is interaction. After all, real estate chat allows you to have a great deal of interaction with the platform’s users. Think that every access your site has means that a person has been there.

And to bring that to the physical world, we can imagine that the site is a “store” open on the street. And the more people who come in, the more chances someone will buy something, isn’t it?

But, if there is not a qualified service that helps this person (even to clear a simple doubt), the chances of her leaving the store (the real estate website, in this case) are really great. Therefore, having a chat that can generate interactivity with users who are browsing the platform may be an excellent gateway to good business in the future.

Less cold and more human online environment

Another important feature that real estate chat brings to your website or virtual catalog is the issue of “heating” the environment. After all, we all know the internet is a cold environment. There are many opportunities and many ways to approach a prospect. But if this is not done right, there will hardly be conversions.

And a decisive factor for this is precisely the feeling that that place is hostile. That is, it looks cold from a human point of view. And a chat ends up “breaking” this feeling, precisely because when a human (and not a robot) is interacting with the user, the chances of generating sales or conversions increase exponentially.

People connect with people. We already understand this in our article on real estate branding . The more humanized the service and its platforms, the better for business.

Excellent option to capture qualified leads

A real estate chat is undoubtedly one of the best places to capture qualified real estate leads . After all, nothing better than your own website to capture the contacts of people who are browsing there, right?

And, as you know, a lead only has power if it is captured in the right way. It is useless to capture any contact with the expectation that he will become a buyer in the future.

This is a crucial point for you to develop your real estate based on what really matters. And believe me: quantity is not quality from the perspective of prospects and leads. Mainly when it comes to online captures.

So, using chat as a way to capture someone’s email or WhatsApp can certainly indicate a winning path. After all, it is believed that whoever is on your site has some interest in your product, isn’t it?

Especially if this person comes across some content built with the help of content marketing . With this perspective, everything gets even more amazing.

Greater use of generated traffic

Generating traffic to your real estate website doesn’t have to be a biggie. Here on the blog, for example, we have several articles teaching you how you can exponentially increase your real estate website’s hits . And one of these factors is, of course, content marketing.

After all, you have the chance to show up when people look for something related to your business. And this is spectacular.

But simply generating this traffic and not doing anything to take advantage of it is not indicated. Therefore, structuring strategies for online business is very important.

One of these strategies is to capture contacts and generate leads (prospects). And one of the ways to do this is through real estate chat!

Using real estate chat, you can easily start interacting with all site users. And in this interaction, of course, you can ask for a contact.

With this simple attitude, you’ve already got one more prospect for your list. And so, the traffic is being used much more!

Research that can generate new strategies

The real estate chat is also a great tool and alternative for those looking to optimize real estate strategies in a professional and results-focused way.

After all, through the chat you can do surveys and prepare questionnaires that will deliver fundamental answers for future decision-making. Have you ever thought about the value of the information you can capture from users of your online portal?

But, of course, this needs to be done in an organic and thoughtful way. Catching the wrong answers or getting the answers you are “expecting” is not necessarily the way to a good research strategy.

For this reason, we recommend that you enlist the help of professionals specialized in preparing questionnaires. The questions need to have some technical/scientific basis to generate results you can trust.

But, of course, you can also use it simply to ask simple questions that can solve a momentary problem, with answers of “yes” or “no”. After all, real estate chat is an excellent communication channel!

Understanding consumer behavior

And finally, one of the most crucial factors in generating sales and increasing your real estate’s results is a thorough understanding of consumer behavior. As you know, consumer behavior is what sets the pace of the market one way or the other.

Understanding this is not always easy. After all, each person is unique and each decision making for a purchase is based on their own experiences and experiences. However, one of the ways to try to capture a standard behavior is using real estate chat to interact with users.

Ask questions, ask for contact, talk in a “human” way and try to extract from it answers to the questions that will guide consumer behavior in the real estate market . After all, if someone is already browsing your real estate website, it is a sign that there is a motivation there. Especially if this user arrived for some content you have produced.

Use the tools to your advantage. And real estate chat, as simple as it may be, is an excellent communication channel!

How to use real estate chat the right way?

So far, we understand the importance and benefits of using real estate chat on your website or portal. But, how to use it in the right way? Or rather, how to implement strategies that can generate results from the interaction and conversations online with prospects and users who are browsing?

To help you, we have separated a list of essential items to transform real estate chat, perhaps one of the main communication tools for your company. See below:

  • Structure a real estate persona to suit the language;
  • Use empathyto get more attention;
  • Show that there is a human on the other side;
  • Use tools that make execution easier;

We will understand each of the items in detail from now on. So, get a pen and paper to write it down. After all, these strategies can be put into practice today! Come on?

Structure a real estate persona to fit the language

The first criterion, then, is to structure a real estate persona . This is one of the most important activities you can (and should) perform to work in the online environment. After all, it is precisely the persona that will make the “connection” with the prospect on the other side. With the right phrases and with an understanding of the needs, the persona will be “friendly” to the prospect.

Here on the blog, we’ve explained in other articles the importance of using a real estate persona and how to build it the right way. So, in case there are any doubts about this, don’t hesitate to complement your reading. But in a nutshell, let’s understand what a persona is below.

It’s a way of building a more assertive communication, as if you were talking “one to one”. And the persona can be built using consumer behavior and target audience characteristics data. For example: speaking with slang for young people can generate connection. While using this language for older people may not work.

Can you see the difference and the importance?

Use empathy to get more attention

Another essential tool for real estate chat to work in the right way for your company is to use empathy. It is nothing more than a way to connect with the person you are talking to. So, using gimmicks to “put yourself in the shoes” of the person you’re chatting with will certainly raise your online customer conversion statistic .

As we’ve already understood, the internet can be a cold place. And the more you can build “heat” in this environment, the more accurate the strategies you will use. And one of the ways to generate this “warmth” is precisely using empathy , so that the prospect can trust you through real estate chat.

Therefore, listen much more than speak. Try to extract as much information as possible from that prospect. The more powerful information you have about that lead, the better the interaction and, later, the relationship.

Show that there is a human on the other side

This is perhaps one of the most important and crucial tips for your real estate website chat to have effectiveness and conversion. Yes, you need to show that there is a human on the other side of the “screen”.

Unlike a social network, a website can be a bit empty environment if it’s not built right and updated frequently. After all, it’s the feelings that “there’s someone on the other side” that make a prospect move forward and, later, make a purchase.

So, try to use as much humanity as possible to interact with whoever is browsing your real estate portal. This is what will make the prospect truly connect with your brand. After all, a person will always have a preference to connect with a person and not a brand.

Think about it so that, going forward, you can have more assertiveness in communication channels in general (not just real estate chat). This recommendation is broad!

Use tools that make execution easier

And finally, use tools that make execution easier. It’s no use having amazing ideas if the bottleneck starts to be created during execution. Therefore, count on Ville Imob to help you with the implementation of a powerful chat system that can generate positive results for your real estate agency in the medium and long term.

Remember that optimizing tasks is an essential part of making them work. The “cleaner” the executions, the better it is to see results, extract statistics and take action for improvements and implementations. Always think about it.

Good sales!


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