How to add, change, or delete the user access

Let’s know! How to handle who is able to access the books in the QBO (QuickBooks Online). If you add several users, then it would bet a flexible way to run your business more smoothly. So you do not need to do it all. In this post, you will know what you have to do to add user, edit a user’s access, or delete the user access. If you want to know about the types of users, then get QuickBooks Support Phone Number. IT professionals will provide you more information about the types of users.

Know how to add the QB Online User

Custom user, Master admin, accountant: Also, you have to perform some more steps to add a custom user in QBO Advanced, Add an account user, Change the master admin user. 


Method 1- Invite any new user

  • In the gear icon, click on the manage users. If you are not able to choose this, then you will not have permission for managing other users. Then you have to contact the admin user for your help.
  • Click on the Add user.
  • Also, you have to follow all the onscreen instructions. With this, you need to know about the user type and how many users you may have.
  • Now, you should enter the new user name & his email address or click on save.

Seeing the limit of users?

In case, you get the user limit message on your computer screen, it’s simple mean QBO has many users which are depending on the subscription. Also, you need to take enough information about limits, like what you need to do to add the user.

Method 2- Your user has accepted the invite?

“let’s go!” Choose the link in the email for the new user, which takes them to the page where your new account can log in or create an account. To create a new account, they must log in or enter the information.

How to delete the QB Online user?

  • Click on the manage users from the Gear icon. If you are not able to select this, that means you do not have permission for managing the other users.
  • Then search for the user to whom you want to delete. Click on the small arrow sign in the action column.
  • Choose delete, then click on delete again in the confirmation windows.

Change the method what user could do & see

Choose to manage users from the gear icon. If you are unbaled to choose this, that means you do not have permission to manage other users. Then you need to make a connection with the IT professionals for help.

  • Search the user to whom you need to edit, & click on Edit the action column.
  • Select the user type drop-down from the appearing windows. Then choose the user type.
  • After that, you will see the multiple users in the appearing windows, all options will be depending on the type of the user.
  • When you have done, then click on the save option. Then ask to the user for logging out & then log out in to check the changes.

Hope you get whole information to add, change the user access, and delete the access. If you want to take more information about it, then get quickbooks 24/7 support phone number online. The IT professional will provide you complete information.


Here you will learn how to handle who may access books in QBO. With this, you will know how to add a QBO user. If you do not know how to invite the new user, then you here is complete procedure to invite the new user.

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