History of National Testing Service – NTS History

National Testing Service which is also known as NTS is a testing organization works under the government of Pakistan.  Earlier, it was developed to conduct aptitude tests for scholarship then it expanded its services for various different services. Here are some of the latest NTS Jobs 2020 which you should have a look at.

Now, NTS is responsible for conducting entrance tests for various public sector universities and also recruitment tests for various different organizations. Overall, NTS responsibility is to ensure the merit-based system inside the country. It is successfully ensuring the open merit system in Pakistan; however, there are various other testing organizations currently operating in the country.

Nowadays, NTS is more or less announcing lots of jobs – it is like 2 times every month announcing thousands of jobs. Usually, these jobs are followed by the entrance tests prepared by NTS. And all the applicants willing to apply for such jobs need to prepare for such tests. Ones the test is conducted then everyone is announced results on the official site of NTS.

The passing criteria for such NTS test is on the highest scoring marks and may also take aggregate of your last qualification along with your district quota. Since, most of these jobs come with a special quota for both rural and urban areas. It means if your district has 3 seats then you will be competing to get into top 3 at least to secure one of the positions for yourself.

This was my short detailed on the history of National Testing Service and I have tried to cover all the relevant stuffs related to that. I am sure you must have found it helpful and worth reading. In case you want to me to cover anything else on this topic then feel free to write to me and I shall try to research the content and will surely reproduce.


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