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Today the major point of tension for every country’s higher authorities is the rapid increase in the consumption of tobacco. Regardless of the increased rates and taxes of cigarette around the countries in order to discourage the purchase of cigarettes, there is no major effect noticed by the government on its consumption. In this era, the intake of cigarette doesn’t separate men from the young boys; instead, it’s the packaging of their cigarette boxes.

So people often flaunt and flash off about their customized cigarette boxes in order to separate them from others and show off their status. Smoking has multiple harmful effects on the human body, so let us look at the world’s smoking statistics.

Tobacco Industry Now:-

About 6.5 trillion of cigarettes around the whole world are sold each year that is roughly per day 18 billion of cigarettes. It is an extremely profitable industry and one which makes its property mainly off the pockets of poor people around the world, in terms of both demand and supply. Of the approximate smokers that are 1 billion, 80 percent are from middle and low-income countries. The estimated tobacco farm workers of 33 million in the industry, a considerable quantity of people live in poor regions and communities.

Toxic Ingredients present in Cigarette Smoke:-

The harmful chemicals present in the cigarette are inhaled through smoking into the lungs and then travel around the whole body, causing slow damage in various ways, including:

  • Nicotine stretches out to the brain in about 7 or 10 seconds following the inhalation of smoke. Nicotine is present in a smoker’s body almost everywhere, comprising breast milk. Nicotine is also addictive as much as heroin.
  • Carbon monoxide, present in cigarettes, ties to hemoglobin, which is present in red blood cells, stopping these blood cells from transferring the oxygen they would normally do in a non-smoker’s body. This leads to the symptoms of carbon monoxide contamination.
  • Carcinogens (cancer-causing medium) in cigarette smoke damages significant genes which control the cell growth, causing rapid reproduction or their abnormal growth. Around 70 such chemicals that can cause cancer have been recognized in tobacco smoke till now.
  • Smoking is related to a greater extent of chronic inflammation, an additional damaging process which may end up in oxidative stress.
  • Smoking affects the function of the immune by causing oxidative tension. In turn, this causes the DNA mutation, which sets the stage for heart diseases and cancer. Oxidative stress is a major contributor to the ageing process. Antioxidants are a natural way of fighting the damage caused by oxidative stress to the human body cells. As compared to non-smokers, smokers tend to have fewer of the antioxidants present in their blood.
  • The smoke of cigarette contains heavy radioactive metals which “stick” to tar which collects in a smoker’s lungs. As time passes, it builds up and is one of the major risk factors in smokers for lung cancer.

Aside from all the toxic ingredients present in cigarette smoke mentioned above, you can get your customized cigarette boxes to brag in front of your friends and colleagues as much as you like.

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