How to discipline a strong willed child?

Tips to discipline a strong willed child

We often have families where we see unique children who are comparatively different to other kids. They usually are those who never listen to their parents and lack interest in any job. Their parents get disturbed all the time because of them and are curious for their future. These children do not listen to anyone or understand anyone’s words.

We must understand the cause behind their rebel personality. May be we are thin king them wrong or maybe they are confronting something unknown to us. There is another possibility that can be its cause which is the imitation of the peers.

Their annoying behavior damages them too. The idea of correcting them straightforwardly can be little bad because to deal them is always a very difficult thing for the parents as well as teachers. Now we can’t tackle the children as we were doing in the past. Today the children are more intelligent so they put queries on each and everything. And they also want quick reply of their confusions.

On the other hand there are some children who need more attention and to tackle them is way too complex then the other children, these children lye in the category of the strong willed children.

We are going to tell you some techniques that can help you first detect such children second understand them and third apply some techniques and strategies for them. You can apply these techniques on those stubborn children and can have beneficial results.

The first thing you can do is to handle them with great love and show them as they you care for them a lot. Be close to them and try to reshape them indirectly. Tell them your experiments of life and ask them to learn from your experiences. Showing interest in whatever they do is the right idea to have bonding with them.

The second thing is to give respect to their decisions. This can be a great practice to appreciate the opinion of these children that will soften their heart towards you and urge them to change them.

Things can be easy for you if you build trust in the mind of the strong willed child. As they never change their mind, it is very difficult for them to be changed. Increasing the interest level in their minds can increase the chance that they will listen to you and think of your words. It will be a great help for you.

The other thing is to arrange some rewards for them. The incentive in any field can bring a drastic change in anyone’s behavior. To handle these children we must appreciate them on whatever they do. Their achievements must be appreciated. So whenever you see these children doing something good, give them some appreciation by giving them some reward. You can do this in front of the other family members and announce in front of them. This surely will help them to be little on the softer side and think of need in changing their behavior.


We have tried our best to share the tips to discipline a strong willed child. I know that a strong willed child is very hard to tackle, but with some tricks and best practices, you can do it. In this regard, you can seek assistance from your elders and other family members as well. A child with strong will requires some special attention from you. So, you have to keep a good eye on them to save them from anything that is harmful for them. I hope that our tips will also help you in controlling a strong willed child.


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