Assessment of Radon system – Have your Radon Test Kit Ready

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas. It comes from the decay of radioactive elements such as uranium. It is invisible; therefore, it is very difficult to determine the presence of radon. To test the radon gas level, radon test kit can help you.

Different types of equipment are used for testing of radon system. There are two categories to determine the test. One is short term and the other is long term.

To perform short-term tests, it is compulsory to close doors and windows for a maximum time. In short-term tests, charcoal is used to test radon.  Electret ion compartment is a key tool to determine the amount of radon. Alpha track gauges also helpful in the detection of radon gas.

As the level of radon waves from time to time, therefore, it is important to record the radon level by using long-term tests. Alpha track gauges and electret ion are useful in the detection of radon. These devices are easily available in the market. One can buy easily through stores. These are not much expensive therefore; everyone can afford it easily. Tests kits are placed in the basement to record the level of radon gas. After sometimes, ample are crammed and the specimen is sent to the lab for analysis.

Many other methods are used to detect the radon gas level. Digital kits are very effective in the detection. These kits are easily available in the market. The life span of these digital kits is 10 years and they can reuse easily. They are multi-functioned, portable and easy to use.

Easy way to install a radon mitigation system with radon test kit:

Radon system helps to reduce the level of radon gas from your house. Radon gas is present in the basement area because it is covered fully therefore it can spread everywhere in the ground. To install radon mitigation system three steps are involved. First, drilling is done with the help of drilling machines. After drilling, piping assembly is needed that helps to remove the air to outside of the atmosphere. Piping Assembly is an indoor procedure. We provide you guarantee about the piping material. It is important to use the best piping material that can resist every weather condition. It provides a pathway for the flow of radon gas to the outer atmosphere. After that, fan installation is very important. Its main purpose to remove the trapped air from the ground. Fan casing act as a protective sheet. After fan installation, the outer piping assembly is needed to remove the gas to the outer atmosphere. The cost of radon mitigation system is about $ 1500-$2500.


Radon is a harmful gas for human health. It cannot see from a naked eye. Therefore, it is very difficult to feel its presence. We can detect it through radon testing devices. It mainly affects the lungs and causes lung cancer. About 4-15% of lung cancer deaths occur because of this radon gas. You can sort out your problems through the installation of radon system. If the level of radon is above 4pCi/L then it is fatal and it can cause death.

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