The Way to Install .NET Framework on Windows that are Cheap VPS?

By following this tutorial, You can easily set up .NET Framework on your Cheap Windows VPS 2008 R2 Server or another server.

.NET Framework is a significant application and required by various applications. Infact you can not install applications which required .NET Framework. In this tutorial we will explain it in way with step by step and images which will be useful for you to learn how to install it. Do you know you’ll be able to handle a Windows VPS Server and that you can learn aspect of Windows Server by reading our tutorials.

You can install it by only few steps.

Installing .NET Length

Step 1: Open your Windows VPS from RDP or VNC and go to Start Menu, Form”Server Manager” (without quota) and then click on”Server Manager”.

Step 2: Server manager window will open, In Server Manager, you’ll have to click on”Characteristics”. At Right side it is possible to find”Insert Attributes”, Click on it asp net hosting uk.asp net hosting uk

Step 3: In”Add Features Wizard”, Select”.NET Framework 3.5.1 Characteristics” (Notice: If Framework 4 can be obtained then pick it) and new window will open. Click “Insert Required Role Services”.

Step 4: Now click “Next” button and again click on”Next” button.

Step 5: Under”Role Services”, Do not need to select anything and again simply click on”Next” button. Installation will be start and it can take a while. Unless Dot NET Framework is successfully installed, wait for minute.

If Setup will soon be successfully then it will show a success message otherwise it will show an error. In below screenshot you can view .NET Framework in successfully installed on a Windows VPS.



Shared Hosting is a one-click install hosting service supporting Linux and Windows Operating System. The Linux hosting program is equipped with Softaculous and Windows using Parallels Scripts both which allow 1-click setup of more than 300 applications.

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Two ) INFRASTRUCTURE: It’s built on top Dell servers powered by Juniper switches guaranteeing an maximum uptime of 99.99%. The Common Hosting infrastructure is customized for durability in addition to operations and redundancy.

While there are lots of hosting service suppliers, the reasons to select ResellerClub are quite clear. Allow me to highlight the important ones . With their Shared Hosting you’ve got:


Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – Point 1As a Web Designer and Developer (WDD) business proprietor, using your own dedicated Control Panel is essential to handle your business effectively. The selection of control panel can also be crucial. Let us have a look at them:

CPanel: cPanel is the undisputed pioneer of control panels from the Linux marketplace now. You can manage your clients’ requests that are hosting from one central location with ease.

Plesk Panel: Plesk Panel is a popular Hosting Automation Control Panel for Windows Hosting all Around the World. It permits you to manage several aspects of your Shared Hosting account easily.

How does this benefit you as a WDD?

The control panel permits you to run software configurationsand perform administrative tasks, handle emails and billings of your clients. ResellerClub supplies cPanel for Linux and Plesk Panel for Windows.


Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – Point 2The Linux Shared Hosting comes with Varnish Caching. Varnish is a web accelerator which enables websites to maintain traffic and load by caching the dynamic and static content such as graphics, CSS, etc to the internet 35, pages superfast. The website effectively speeds up . This feature is pre-activated on all new websites.

How does this benefit you as a WDD?

Listed below are some of the key advantages you as a WDD business owner get:

Your customers’ visitors experience diminished page loading times which helps in keeping your clientele and bringing better value by their sites.

Makes the CMS’s installed on your bundle exponentially faster to load.

Requests are simple to handle and no update is required for small bouts of large traffic.

Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – Stage 3Since you own a web development business, it is imperative that you will be hosting multiple domains. Purchasing a strategy that suits your requirements is essential. ResellerClub has strategies that are flexible depending on the client’s requirements.

How does it benefit you as a WDD?

If you are just starting out, then you can opt for the Business plan which gives you a total of 3 Domains and Unlimited Disk Space, Data Transfer and Email Accounts to handle your customer. As soon as your company progresses, it is simple to upgrade to the Pro program that provides unlimited domains along with Disk Space, Data Transfer.

Additionally, you choose your server location depending on where the vast majority of your customers are . Their servers are located in India, US, UK, Turkey and Hong Kong.

Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – Point 4Security, Support, and Reliability are of utmost importance to some hosting service supplier. As net pros and company owner, it becomes even more important for you, to provide your clients resource security.

How does it benefit you as a WDD?

ResellerClub encrypted their hosting host with FTPS (FTP over SSL). Aside from this if you’ve chosen for Linux or Windows Shared Hosting, the two services allow Secure Shell access (SSH) so that you are able to run commands, manage your files as well as handle your hosting at a trusted manner from any remote pc over a highly encrypted channel.


Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – Stage 5Data Redundancy is a form of protection for information in the database or storage, in simple words, it means backup. If you keep any database then you are up for failure. As a Web Designer and Developer, backups are very significant concerning safety. Not only do you have an infinite number of information because of your clientele that is varied even your clients for protection.

How does this benefit you as a WDD?

All of your customers need protection from one another as they’re sharing the exact same server practically. ResellerClub provides redundancy at all levels, and you can also choose to purchase their automatic backup services powered by CodeGuard to give complete peace of mind.


With the progress in technology and newer hosting solutions coming from the current market, one of the most pressing question to Web Pros who have their company based on Shared Hosting is the near future of Shared Hosting. If we proceed with the trend irrespective of services that are coming up Shared Hosting will not die down.

Most of the general clientele only want their website to work. If it is dynamic or static, they do not care. In case the majority of the websites are inactive, then they’re going to consume less bandwidth. Here, Shared Hosting supplies all the resources that are necessary.

Shared Hosting is straightforward. As an individual, you do not need to learn things like server direction that is a prerequisite for hosting like VPS.

Shared Hosting is possibly the cheapest hosting service and basic, hence it won’t die down. If it will, there is always an option of upgrading your Shared Hosting to another service.

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